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Things To Do in Nellore

Ten Things That You Should Do In Nellore

Nellore has attracted several tourists from time to time owing to its unique characteristics in terms of its location, culture, history and its contribution to art and literature. A visit to Nellore is undoubtedly one of the best travelling experiences. When you plan a visit to Nellore, there are certain things you simply cannot afford to miss out. Below is discussed those ten things that you should do in Nellore.

Visit the Udayagiri Fort in Nellore

Nellore udayagiri fort
Around 100 kilometers away from Nellore, the picturesque Udayagiri Fort beckons umpteen travelers to bask in its ancient beauty and elegance. It is located 3079 feet above the sea level in a blissful environment. The famous Sanjeevi Hills form the home to the Udayagiri village. Plants of medicinal value can be found at random in this place. Since Nellore has been a place that has been ruled by several dynasties, you would witness the influence of the different rulers in terms of the architectural constructions such as temples and forts. Witnessing the artistic skill and aesthetics of the bygone days would be an experience worth sharing with your friends and folks.

Travel to the Venkatagiri Fort in Nellore

The town of Venkatagiri is the home to the Venkatagiri Fort. Constructed in the year 1775, the fort has been surrounded by widely dense forests and flora. The magnificent beauty of the fort owes its root to such picturesque setting. The atmosphere is so tranquil and serene that your soul is bound to get soothed and comforted. Apart from basking in the serene beauty of the Venkatagiri Fort, you could also enjoy purchasing the cotton sarees that are weaved in Jamdari style.

Enjoy Bird Watching in Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary in Nellore

A visit to Nellore would remain incomplete if you do not touch upon the Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary which is spread over an area of 458 hectares. Innumerable migratory birds are attracted towards this place and you could find as many as 1500 pelicans during the migratory season. This sanctuary is the home to as many as 187 species of birds. The rare species of birds that can be seen here include ducks, egrets, night herons, spoonbills, pelicans and many more. You could enjoy watching the birds from the watch towers. The added attractions of the sanctuary include auditorium, museum and library. Birds like White Ibis, Spot-biled Pelicans, Openbill Stork and many more choose this bird sanctuary as a breeding site. The Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary is also famous for its migratory water birds.

Pray at Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Nellore

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple nellore

The famous Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is located on the banks of the Pennar River. It was built by the Pallava dynasty in the 7th century. The temple bears the testament of excellent architectural kills and sculptural magnificence as found on the doors and the walls. It is one of the most revered temples of Nellore and for a traveler this is undoubtedly one of the most important places to visit. This temple is not just one of the oldest temples of the area but also bears extraordinary religious significance. If you are religiously inclined, then you could be one of those devotees who are attracted towards this temple in Nellore. The exquisite carvings and architectural splendor of the temple add to the awe created by the seven gold pots found within the premises along with gigantic mirrors.

Relax at Penchalakona in Nellore

Penchakolana waterfall is a must visit in Nellore

The region of Penchalakona which is few kilometers away from Nellore, is extremely popular for the shrine which is dedicated to Narasimha Swamy. As per a popular belief, this temple had been constructed in the same place where the feet of Lord Venkateshwara were placed. On top of the Veda Giri Hills, this temple has been a sacred place for pilgrims traveling from various parts of the country and outside.

Rejuvenate at Mypadu Beach in Nellore

Nellore Mypadu beach

The picturesque Mypadu Beach is one of the best tourist destinations in Nellore. The magnificent beach with lush greenery and attractive landscape, the gentle sands and the crystal clear water make this beach one of the best of its kinds in Nellore. The Mypadu Beach has everything that makes it a perfect tourist spot. You would love to unwind in the serene atmosphere of the beach and enjoy walking along the beach lined by tall trees. Basking in the sun is another attraction for you. The gentle breeze and slow waves would let you enjoy the sunrise and relax fully.

Migrate to the Pulicat Lake in Nellore

Spreading over an area of 600 square kilometers the Pulicat Lake . For every bird watcher, this lake is no less than a paradise. The way this lake has attracted migratory birds, it has earned the status of a Bird Sanctuary. The list of migratory birds that come here includes pelican, egrets, terns, flamingoes and many more. The tranquil surroundings offered by this beautiful lake would give you immense peace and comfort.

Shop at Patu Ru in Nellore

About 10 kilometers away from Nellore, lies a village by the name Patu Ru. It is the perfect destination for any shopaholic. The handicrafts industry and the handloom sarees of this village are so famous that not a single traveler could come back without making any purchase. Situated in the middle of the triangle formed by Kovuru, Damarmadugu and Kovuru, this village of Patu Ru has a rich historical legacy.

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