Food in Nellore

Nellore is a very important producer of different agricultural products in South India. Being a prominent part of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Nellore is a place where one can find different kinds of spicy and tasty foods. As the district is one of the leading producers of red chilli, rice and millet in India, its influence can also be found in the food of Nellore. Both vegetables as well as meat and sea food feature prominently in the menus of the people of Nellore. Dal or lentils, and tamarind are largely used in cooking in Nellore. Various spicy and hot varieties of pickles form important part of the cuisine of Nellore.
Nellore Food

Breakfast in Nellore

A typical South Indian breakfast consists of garelu or vada, idli, and tea or coffee. Some also prefer to have miniature size dosas. Like other parts of South India, milk is preferred as an important beverage in Nellore. Chutney and sambar are taken as side dishes. Pesarattu or upma and Dibba Attu are also quite popular as breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner in Nellore

Both lunch and dinner are considered as elaborate affairs in different Andhra households and Nellore is no exception. The food is mainly served on stainless steel or porcelain plates in urban households, while in rural areas the tradition of eating on freshly cut banana leaves is still continued. This is known as “arati aaku”. Eating on aarati aaku is an indispensable part during traditional festivals and special occasions.  Annam or rice is a staple of any meal and it is typically mixed with the other course using the right hand.

Presentation of Food in Nellore

Like most of the South Indians,the people of Nellore are very particular about the presentation of the foods  and in the order of the presentation. For example, kooralu and pappu are placed to the right of the plate, while pickles, and pappulu podi are placed to the left.  In festivals and special occasions, pulihora and garelu are placed at the top right. A large scoop of annam is placed in the middle. Small amounts of neyyi or ghee is added on the scoop of annam while serving. Pachadi (Chutney/Raitha) and Ooragaya (Pickle) are very popular pickels eaten in Nellore. During festivals, sweets are also served during the mealtime. Traditionally, sweets are eaten in the first place.

Popular Non-Vegetarian Dishes in Nellore

Mutton (Lamb) koora and Kodi (Chicken) Koora are two most popular dishes of meat in Nellore. The gravy base of both these two dishes is usually made of tomato, onions,tamarind, coriander, and coconut. Fish, shrimp and prawns are also favored by food lovers in Nellore. 

Sweet Dishes in Nellore

Obbattu,Ariselu,Chakodi and Boondi Mithai are the popular sweet dishes in Nellore.

Popular beverages in Nellore

Coffee is the most popular hot beverage in Nellore. Tea is also very popular in Nellore. Both tea and coffee are prepared with milk and sugar and they are served in small stainless steel glasses, a custom that can be seen all over South India.

Popular Restaurants in Nellore

Restaurants in Nellore

Nellore cannot boast of too many restaurants, yet when you want to eat out or give a treat to your friends, the following restaurants can be a good option in Nellore!

Celebrations Restaurant

Address:  Beside More Super Market, Magunta Layout, Magunta layout main Road, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001
Telephone: (91)-9848902222,9948704111
Rate for 2: 1000 Rupees

Murali Krishna Restaurant
Address: 21/1464, Gnt Road, Nellore Bazar, Nellore - 524001
Telephone: +(91)-861-2327522
Rate for 2: 500-750 Rupees

Sravanya Multicuisine Restaurant
Address:  Near Tdp Office, Mini By Pass Road, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001
Telephone: +(91)-861-2332401, +(91)-9246770749
Rate for 2: 750 Rupees

Mayuri Multicuisine Restaurant
Address:   16/342, Near Chandana Brothers, Trunk Road, Poga Thota, Nellore - 524001
Telephone: +(91)-861-2349679, 2336889
Rate for 2: 750 Rupees
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