Hospitals in Nellore

Government hospitals, as well as private hospitals both are very important in the context of the healthcare scene of a city. In Nellore, there are several hospitals that are either Government run or privately controlled. All the hospitals of Nellore have the latest equipments and armed with quality trained doctors and staff.

hospital in Nellore

Government Hospitals in Nellore

The Government hospitals in Nellore are the primary source of medical treatment for the residents of Nellore. All the different Government health schemes (by both the State Government and the Central Government) can be availed in these hospitals.

Hospital Name: Ahalya Devi Nursing Home (Department 1)
Address: 16-1-712, Near Nehru Statue, Trunk Road, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2344545

Hospital Name: Anasuya Instuite of Medical Science
Address: 16/2/142, Venkataramana Hotel Lane, Pogathota
Phone Number: 0861-2326233

Hospital Name: Bollineni Ramanaiah Memorial Hospitals
Address: Dargamitta, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2312777

Hospital Name: C R Reddy Hospital
Address: 13/264,Hospital Road,Gudur, Nellore
Phone Number: 08624-252285/251485

Hospital Name: Dr Andals Lakshmi Fertility Clinic
Address: Pogathota, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2341870

Hospital Name: Narayana General Hospital and Narayana Super Speciality Hospital
Address: Chinthareddipalem , Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2717963

Hospital Name: RSR Hospital
Address: 16-2/62, Pogathota, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2321693

Hospital Name: Susrutha Uro-Renal Hospital
Address: 16/1037, Pogathota
Phone Number: 0861-2327724

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Nellore

The private hospitals provide specialized care for the patients. Most of the private hospitals in Nellore provide modern medical technologies to the patients. They charge more than the government hospitals and beds are also readily available. 

Hospital Name: Ahalyadevi Nursing Home (Department 2)
Address: 16-1-712, Near Nehru Statue, Trunk Road, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2344545

Hospital Name: Kandukuri Multi Speciality Hospitals
Address: 2-4-4, Vishnalayam Street, Kavali
Phone Number: 08626-250854

Hospital Name: Modern Eye Hospital and Research Centre
Address: 16-11-101, Beside Venkatarama, Ogathota
Phone Number: 0861-2324868

Hospital Name: Narayana General Hospital
Address: Chinthareddy Palem, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2317963

Hospital Name: Rich Hospitals Private Limited
Address: Kasturi Devi Nagar, Pogathota, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2326228/2326228/2328333

Hospital Name: Shailaja Nursing Home
Address: Raghava Lines, Complex Rd, Pogathola, Nellore
Phone Number: 0861-2325936

Hospital Name: Vijaya Hospital
Address: Raghava Cine Complex Road, Pogathota, Nellore-524001
Phone Number: 0861-2300068

Hospital Name: Vijaya Hospital
Address: 16, 11/41A Pogathota,Nellore-524001
Phone Number: 0861-2300068

Chemists in Nellore

Medicine is an integral part of the life of people in any place. Like all other cities, there are numerous chemist shops in Nellore. Most of these chemist shops and medical stores in Nellore are well stocked.

Apollo Pharmacy
Address:  16-2-718, Vijay Mahel, Near Indira Bhavan, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-9949960685, 9848686808, 9885224907

Jayabharat Hospital Medical Store 
Address:  16/1/699(Old 16/2884), Nellore, Somasekharapuram, Somashekara Puram, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-8612326204

Medplus Pharmacy
Address:  D. No. 12/599-1, Chinna Bazar, Nellore, Chinna Bazar, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-861-2333894

Prabha Medicals
Address:  Near Tata Gold, Trunk Road, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-9866721955/ (91)-861-6620007

Nellore Medicals
Address:  Subedarpet, Mahatma Gandhi Statue Circle, Trunk Road, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-9849732877/ (91)-861-2328203

Drs Pharmacy
Address:  Main Rd, Ramalingapuram, Ramalingapuram, Ramalingapuram,Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-861-2337118

Sabareesh Medicals
Address:  14/160, Backside Kapu Street, Devi Reddy Street, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-861-6954555, 6453194

Citizen Medicals
Address:  7 NC Building, Ground Floor, Opposite Subhash Chandra Bose Statue, Subedarpet, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-9246761697/ (91)-861-2332193

Ganapathi Medical Store
Address:  Trunk Road, Near AC Statue, Main Road, Trunk Road, Nellore - 524001
Phone No: (91)-861-2313253/ (91)-9866691809

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